Disclosure means its okay


A Westminster ‘think tank’ today unveiled plans to create a Perverts Disclosure Register along the same lines as the Members Financial Interests Register.  The Financial Register allows MP’s either to own or have shares in companies such as private health providers but still vote and dole out millions of pounds in tax payers money to either their own or their cronies companies. One ex-Minister explained: ‘Its all moral . All okay.  As long if you disclose it apparently.  The Perverts Register would work in the same way’.

Theresa May is said to be all for the scheme and told friends that her leather trousers was just the start.  A spokes person said today that as long as the MP’s disclose their dirty perverted appetites fully, they will be free to sexually assault Men, Women or Beasts – of a voting age.  When asked for his comments, an aide said that Boris was unavailable as he was tied up at present.


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