Musicians condemned for not doing enough about political instability


World leaders are asking: ‘When was the last time U2 wrote a song about the interference by Russians in American elections? Or Americans in American elections?  When did Bananarama last perform an a Capella performance about the lack of progress in Brexit negotiations?’

Many world leaders have threatened to return their LPs and CDs to Amazon ‘as a sign of protest.’  However, Putin is alleged to be resistant to returning his coloured vinyl Electric Light Orchestra album ‘A New World Record’.  As one Kremlim expert acknowledged: ‘It is worth many Roubles.  He doesn’t mind sacrificing his Haircut 100 tape, it’s a rip off from the market anyway’.

A consortium of World Leaders including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Ang Sang Suu Kyi and Kim Jong Un are hoping to put a record out in time for Christmas titled ‘Don’t They Know It’s Fuck All To Do with Them?’. Every penny raised by the record will be stashed in a tax haven somewhere.

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