Trump: Putin never interfered with me – it was all consensual


Speaking to reporters in Hanoi Mr Trump said:  ‘When I said yesterday I believed that Mr Putin didn’t meddle in our election, well not unless he actually did, in which case I also believe him too, then I really meant it.  I’ve met the President on a number of occasions now and he seems to be a real ‘stand up guy’ who might just possibly be trusted to tell the truth…hopefully sometimes.’

In an attempt to further clarify his position Mr Trump then went on to say: ‘Of course I also believe our great US intelligence agencies who say that he did interfere.  And they’re great people, the best people.  So if that’s their view then it’s mine too, so long as they’re not wrong.’  Meanwhile Mr Trump’s son, Donald Junior, has defended his decision to send out Christmas cards with views of Moscow’s Red Square, along with sets of expensive porcelain Russian Doll Santas.


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