Driverless vehicles ‘could cause accidents by obeying Highway Code’


Trials of self-drive buses in London have revealed that they are a hazard on the road because they drive too carefully and considerately.  Critics claim that the Highway Code is rather like one of Shakespeare’s works, in that people only ever study it for an exam.  After the exam, it is totally ignored and only studied by weirdos, which makes it largely irrelevant.

‘Drivers will brake sharply in anticipation of a bus pulling out without warning and are shocked when one sits there indicating and waiting for a gap in the traffic,‘ explained AA spokesman Ross Critchley.  ‘And absolutely no-one expects any vehicle to actually give way at a Give Way,’ he added.

‘Strict adherence to the Highway Code is erratic and therefore perilous,’ Mr Critchley continued.  ‘These vehicles need an increased level of irresponsibility, they need to act as if they own the road to a greater extent, and they need a more complete disregard for self-preservation.  Which is why we are calling for cyclists to get involved as consultants.’

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