Theresa May ‘just a Brexit tease’


Following lengthy debate on the terms of the Brexit Withdrawal Bill, the Prime Minister has been described as a ‘capricious tease’ by backbenchers.  Said the chairman of the 1922 Committee, as he looked towards the 21st century by referencing the 19th: ‘Mrs May has caused great anticipation with her desire to be a strong and stable leader.  It’s what the majority of us have always wanted, as it evokes real memories of matron washing us with a flannel while we stood naked in a bathtub at Winchester all those years ago’.

‘We have been, to a man, unanimous in our support for the terms of the Withdrawal Bill, not least its name which accords exactly with what matron required of us before that exciting first climax all those years ago.  However, we are most disappointed to see that this strong, stable, climactic female leader has promised us all a date that she now wants to change.  How tantalising to have been promised so much and now to see it changed so shamelessly?’

Downing Street did not offer any comment to the concerns expressed, although one unofficial source is reported to have said that Mrs May’s view is that if you are to swipe right on such matters you ‘shouldn’t expect that you are on to a sure thing’.

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