Universal Credit anomaly ‘allows nation to live a Dickensian Christmas’, says Gauke


Anger is mounting as the DWP has defended reports, that some families claiming Universal Credit may possibly receive none over the Christmas period, by suggesting it is more of a seasonal ‘mood enhancement’ and not so much the cruel, cold and heartless pedantic application of the rules, as most critics see it.
‘At this time of year people often think of Dickens’s Christmas Carol, so they should simply see this matter, not so much as a callous move by the Government, but more of an injection of the authentic spirit of Ebeneezer Scrooge into the festive season. A sort of ‘reality Christmas show’ where the entire nation takes part, if you will,’ said David Gauke the Secretary of State for The Department of Work and Pensions.
When pressed to clarify his meaning Mr Gauke continued: ‘Well you see, if people know that some others less well off than themselves but still just about able to manage, are being treated in this deplorable fashion, it will enable them to fully enjoy their own bountiful Christmases all the more. And the beauty here is that no real harm will be done as those affected can simply reapply in January.’
But already colleagues have moved to distance themselves from the minister. Chancellor Philip Hammond told BBC News: ‘I’d certainly like to distance myself from David’s remarks over this matter. That’s why I’m off to Barbados for the next three weeks and I hope all the kerfuffle will have blown over by the time I get back so I can really enjoy my own Christmas’.



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