Mercedes driver branded ‘selfish and arrogant’ by angry shoppers


Shoppers at a Gloucester supermarket have criticised the driver of a Mercedes Benz 2544 after he parked his vehicle across several clearly defined parking spaces.  The driver of the Mercedes – who left the vehicle parked across the parking bays for over 8 hours – was branded as ‘selfish, thoughtless and arrogant’ by the shoppers who rounded on him saying he and the rest of his crew were not the sort of people they wanted in their town.
Angry shopper Delia Parsons from Quedgeley told the driver that if he couldn’t park his vehicle properly then he ought to think about finding something smaller, while friend Stella Lloyd said it was the old folk and the mums with kiddies she felt most sorry for.  ‘He’s been sat in his cab all day playing with his phone’ said Mrs. Parsons, ’I don’t think he’s even been in and bought anything’.
Some shoppers showed their frustration by surrounding the vehicle with shopping trolleys, with one shopper throwing an egg at the windscreen while others made obscene gestures at the driver as they drove past.  Mrs. Parsons said that some shoppers had been seen boarding the vehicle to confront the crew all day long but had all left 30/40 minutes later.  Some of them were ‘looking visibly shaken while others were clearly overcome with emotion,’ she said.
‘I don’t know what’s going on in there but one lady left in floods of tears,’ said Mrs Parsons, ’it shouldn’t be allowed.If they don’t do something about it then I’ll do my shopping elsewhere’.
Supermarket manager Todd Harris said the supermarket took anti-social parking very seriously and would be monitoring the situation. ‘I’ve spoken with the driver’ said Mr. Harris, ‘and told him that if he doesn’t move we’ll be calling the police.  He’s gone now – hopefully that’s the last we will see of him.’

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