‘Children in Need’ cash to fund Palace makeover


Organisers of the Children in Need charity say the cash from this week’s record breaking fundraiser will be used to help upgrade a crèche at Buckingham Palace. BBC chiefs say the £46.6m will be used to improve facilities at a Palace playroom once visited by Prince George. Presenter Tess Daly said donating the £46.6m to the Royal household in their time of need was exactly the right thing to do and would go some way to help pay for the multi-million pound makeover.

Palace officials confirmed the crèche has had nothing spent on it since a £23m upgrade in 2009. ‘Prince George once played in it for nearly an hour’ purred Royal advisor Damian Dalrymple. ‘He used one of the butlers to fill in a colouring book for him which as you can imagine took its toll on the neoclassical decor.  There’s no doubt the Byzantine architraves and columns are due a much needed lick of gold leaf after all that wear and tear’.

Fund raiser Debbie Poulter from Carswell Primary School in Buxton had hoped the money she raised would be spent providing fresh drinking water for children in a village in Mali. ‘The children have to walk six hours everyday to fill jugs from a well, then walk six hours back. But I guess if Prince George ever needs to play in the crèche again then it needs to look its very best. You wouldn’t expect one of the Royals to play in a room where bits of mosaic are hanging loose from the pilasters or baldachins.
‘That’s what this charity is for…. helping children in need’ added Tess…it’s what Sir Terry would have wanted.’

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