Is space the final frontier for Katie Hopkins?


Former Apprentice quitter and right nasty piece of work, Katie Hopkins, is preparing to unveil her next move following the termination of her contract as a columnist for The Mail Online.

Sources close to the controversial rent-a-gob confirm that recently she’s had several meetings with conspiracy theorist and total barmpot, David Icke, and it’s now widely believed that the pair intend to declare themselves the joint leaders of a new cult.

Once this has been established then together they will pilot a spaceship that Icke has been building in his potting shed, fly to Mars and become twin godheads living in a glacial fortress of solitude, a bit like Superman does, where they will teach Martians salsa dancing, advanced xenophobia, bonkers conspiracy theory and basket weaving.

Meanwhile as her Twitter account has been deleted, President Trump is believed to have offered Hopkins a job managing his own social media output. He told Fox News: ‘Katie’s a real feisty lady, just the feistiest. And as she’s gonna be on Mars partnering this David Icke guy, then we’ll be able to keep a tight lid on the whole shapeshifting reptilian extra-terrestrial thing.’


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