Royal engagement marred by media focus on ‘colour’


The UK Commission for Racial Equality has today raised concerns regarding yesterday’s media coverage of the latest royal engagement, citing excessive references to ‘inter-racial’ marriage.

Channel4 news came under the heaviest criticism after lining up an array People of Ginger and interviewing them about their view of the match. One young lady, self-identifying as having auburn hair, brimmed with optimism, ‘Until now, I never thought the royal family really represented my life. But now one of them is ginger, so the babies will be gingers too.’ BBC News and CNN were equally criticised for ‘Gingexploitation’, blatantly stopping and searching carrot-tops for their opinions.

Finola Barfoot, an ardent fan of the American actress, Meghan Markle, summed up public feeling yesterday. ‘I just saw a wealthy and relatively good-looking but otherwise ordinary young couple in love, until I heard all the disappointing and discriminatory references to his Titian-gold follicles. Most viewers probably hadn’t given much thought to the fact that Meghan was introducing a royal to her family bloodline. But did they have to make such a bloody issue of the fact that he is a red-head?’

Prince Philip has yet to issue a gaffe on the matter. However, one thing everyone agrees as that marrying a ginger royal will usher in a new era in the life of an American divorcee, and that she may still have normal-looking aristocratic children.

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