Pornstar rocked by claim he had footage of Damian Green debasing himself during PMQs


In the wake of allegations that he had attempted to engage women in serious debate about government policy, embattled porn star, Rod York-Chasm is now under fire after reports that he kept obscene politics on a work computer.

Aside from allegedly watching Wednesday’s PMQs with Damian Green being humiliated at the dispatch box, he is rumoured to have live-streamed the public-shaming of Theresa May at the 2017 Tory conference, the scandalous blessing-in-disguise that heralded her rise to fame as a pop-culture phenomenon who epitomises the concept of being ‘infamous for being infamous’.

A range of inappropriate material is said to have been found on York-Chasm’s personal computer, which was siezed during a dawn raid on the set of his latest film ‘My Honourable Member 2′. Grainy mobile-phone images of a youthful David Cameron show him apparently teaching peers an unorthodox method for basting a hog-roast. Another example, a film, set to ‘Yakety Sax’, purportedly shows Andrea Leadsom being chased around the Ceremonial Mace by Michael Fallon.

“Reading some cheeky tabloid domestic-affairs at work is one thing,” said Phil McCrevice, the head of the Adult-industry’s Raunchiness Standards Executive, “but, as to downloading indiscretions by elected MPs, whilst working in a professional capacity, on a porn shoot? Well, if these allegations are true, this brings the pornography profession into disrepute. And, as to the photoshopped images of Margaret Thatcher, John Profumo and the Queen at Maggie’s 70th birthday party? Well – my God, at least I hope they’re photoshopped!

Benvoleo, Hat-Tip to Sinnick

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