Study shows nobody gives a sh*t about Google doodles anymore

google doodle

Tech giant Google has for years adorned its search page with artwork making up its logo, usually celebrating an important event, or tax dodge as the public generally calls it. Google insiders have crowed about the popularity of the logo, which serves to entice people to ask stupid questions about stuff we all used to know after a general education, but in fact directs us away from facts and into the realms of subliminal advertising.

‘People did initially find it interesting in the way six independent letters could be drawn, sometimes animated, but increasingly studies show they rarely notice what the Google artists have done in their endeavours to find videos of cats jumping or Boris Johnson looking like he’s been dragged through a hedge backwards,’ said one researcher today.

Google responded by posting a new logo today in plain letters, spelling Google, but noting that the number related to the amount of tax avoided this year ‘in any denomination you choose.’

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