Dog poo bags hung in trees become new festive decoration

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In a bid to bring some seasonal cheer to outdoor areas in the festive season, Natural England announced ‘Christmas bauble’ style dog shit bags were to go on sale this week.

A spokesman for Natural England, the governing body behind all of England’s areas of outstanding national beauty, said ‘We have been bothered for many years by the practice of dog walkers leaving plastic bags of shite hung up in trees and shrubs in our parks. A recent campaign to try and dissuade the habit was not at all successful so we have taken the alternative approach of embracing and improving the display instead. When these festive bags are hung up in the trees, their festive appearance will bring a real ‘christmas tree’ feel to our parks and woodlands.’

At one popular New forest location we asked local dog walker, Arthur Harris what he thought of the idea. ‘I think it’s great. The place has a lovely feel to it now’ he said. After Arthur’s Great Dane, Sam, had parked it’s breakfast on a grass verge next to a childrens play area we asked Arthur why he wasnt using the bags himself. ‘Yeah, well, it’s not on a path is it? And I mean they let the horses shit everywhere don’t they so why should I?’
Luckily an RSPB warden was on hand to sprinkle some red and silver glitter on the “yule log” and adorn it with a two-leaved sprig of holly.



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