Doping panel award 1977 Tour de France win to The Goodies

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Officials at the UCI, cycling’s world governing body, have handed the winner’s medal for the 1977 Tour de France to The Goodies.

Whilst Francois Pedalo admitted that the trio of comedians hadn’t officially entered the event, they were at least relatively drug-free and had owned a bike.

“This is quite a surprise” said Graeme Garden, who still has his pair of bicycle clips. “Whilst we didn’t inject cortisone in that particular year or inhale bagfuls of amphetamines, it’s also true that we didn’t visit France. But it turns out that isn’t illegal.”

Tim Brooke-Taylor was also taken aback but after checking the rules, agreed that he hasn’t brought the sport into disrepute. “This is lovely, albeit somewhat belated. It just goes to show that if you keep your nose clean, you’ll eventually be rewarded. I could get a tennis grand slam at this rate.”

Bill Oddie, the third Goodie, was sitting in a bush when officials broke the news. Startled, he bit two time keepers before his handler sedated him. “Wait a minute, what was in that dart? Bugger, we’re going to have to disqualify them now. Does anyone know if Chris Harris is still alive? I used to love ‘Hey Look…That’s Me’.”

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