Shock as Christmas lights found tangled

For merely the tenth year in a row, the McClusky household has been thrown into turmoil upon the disquieting discovery that someone failed to put the Christmas lights away tidily. The calumnious deed was made worse by the fact that everything was covered in glitter and pine needles; while the box containing the crib scene also now contained a family of nesting rats.

The initial exploration of the loft was filled will hope and seasonal cheer, but this soon evaporated when the Mr. McClusky found a pigeon in the water tank. To make matters worse he also stumbled across three unposted Christmas cards, then promptly sat upon a cardboard box – which produced a sound not unlike that of crushed glass baubles, suggesting it was not as empty as first thought.

Prime suspects behind the light’s debacle include a series of drunken relatives or an offspring embittered by the lack of ‘Playstation 4’ in their stocking. Either way Mrs, McClusky has been left with the thankless task of unravelling something that looks like a cross between Las Vegas and a Gordian knot.

There are other tell-tale signs that the McClusky’s might not have been as thorough as they could tidying last year’s Christmas; be it the tree still sticking out of the compost heap, the half empty bottle of Advocaat or that Aunty Flo was still living in the spare room. So far the family dog has not helped out, but is said to be waiting for the right moment – usually when tempers are frayed and alcohol is scarce – to run directly into the newly decorated tree and show them what tangled really means.

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