‘Everyone is the enemy of the people, except me’ says Farage


Nigel Farage has confirmed that he is the only person left who is not defying the will of the people:  ‘I convinced a slight majority of the voting public to demand something that required several diametrically opposed actions to run concurrently…and everyone’s thwarted their intentions’, he lamented.  ‘What part of ‘leave’ didn’t they understand?’

‘Cameron, May, Ireland, the DUP and the rest, they all did exactly what everyone expected them to do. No-one acted irrationally against their own best interests, and, well, that’s the very definition of blocking Brexit.  And, what of the Eurocrats, having never done a proper job in their lives because instead they’d become experts on negotiating EU exit deals and actually planning ahead.   It’s a denial of my democratic vote!’

‘We may not have won, but let me make a couple of things perfectly clear: firstly, I will not accept an iota of blame; and, secondly, I refuse, point blank, to get over it.’


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