Flattest, windiest part of the UK sensibly opts for nuclear power station


Angelesey is said to be ‘blown away’ by plans for a nuclear power station on it’s coast, despite being described as the ‘windiest thing since Boris Johnson’.

Planned to provide base load for the rare occasions when Angelsey’s many wind turbines have no wind, the project should be ready in 10 to 20 years.  Then it will make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions in a world where the climate will already have been warmed, the weather windier and the sea levels will be higher.  ‘Good timing.  It’ll probably be 20 years before this bloody wind drops,’  said one local.

Critics who said that Angelesey was also ideal for tidal power schemes, which are quicker to build, were dismissed as ‘dreamers’ by planners; who pointed out that it would interfere with the yachting economy of the island, an industry worth many hundreds of UK pounds per year:  ‘And what when sea level rises, eh?  Bet they didn’t think of that!’


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