Mickey Mouse organisation to spend £39 Billion on Brexit


The EU has expressed ‘disappointment’ that Walt Disney has spent the same amount of money on buying the entertainment arm of 21st Century Fox when it could have funded the Brexit fees instead.  The prospect of relying on a Mickey Mouse organisation like the British Brexit committee is filling the European negotiators with fear.

‘First there’s Goofy,’ said an EU spokesman, referring to Boris Johnson, ‘and Pluto,’ he added, despite complaints from the government about using David Davies’ alter ego.  ‘They get up to wild antics and don’t seem to know what they’re talking about most of the time’, he said today, admitting that he never understood what Donald ‘Liam Fox’ Duck was saying at all.

Theresa May denied the comparison, although was last seen placing a Red and white spotted bow in her hair, while wearing £1000 leather trousers.  She was overheard quoting the Minnie Mouse slogan ‘never stop dreaming’ the other evening during the Commons debate, before stamping out of parliament shouting ‘effing wankers.

(image by Benvoleo)

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