No one has ever used the word ‘Youthquake’


Despite claims by the Oxford Dictionary that ‘Youthquake’ is a word, most teenagers agree that it is only a phrase to use, if you want to get ridiculed on social media.  In fact it is one of a long list of words not in present day use – such as ‘please’, ‘pay-rise’ and ‘Happy-Brexit’.

Some say that it relates to the political awakening of millennials, but presupposes that millennials have souls.  In fact the Dictionary definition of ‘Youthquake’ is: ‘A word used to show that you are trying to be down with the kids, but actually you have no earthly understanding of youth culture or how to unlock mobile phone’.

The first use of ‘Youthquake’ appeared in Vogue in the 1960’s but then was used to describe the structural damage of childhood obesity.  One MP responded:  ‘‘Youthquake’ is just one of those ridiculous word mash-ups, that makes no sense at all to the average politician – like consensual-sex, informed-referendum or Trump-success’.

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