Row over ‘smell the sausage’ police searches


A dispute has broken out over advice given to police in England and Wales telling them not to stop and search people because they smell of sausages.  The advice says officers should look at other factors like behavior, concealed sausage-shapes in the trouser-region or whether the suspect is in possession of gravy granules.

But some officers, including some big ones that looked quite hungry, said they disagreed.   The College of Policing said it plans to review the evidence with some mash.

Currently, police officers can use stop-and-search powers if they have ‘reasonable grounds’ to suspect someone is carrying items such as drugs, weapons or delicious processed offal wrapped tightly in anus piping.

Last year, they were given new guidance by that the smell of sausages on its own would not normally justify stopping and searching someone or their vehicle.  It would also need to be a while since breakfast, quite a wait until lunch, or if they had just seized some mustard and bread rolls.

Chief Inspector David Porcini said that while his officers were adept at sniffing out pork products, it was sometimes culturally insensitive to search on this basis:  ‘In my experience, it’s very unlikely that young Muslims will be carrying bangers, for instance.  Mores the pity, these finger rolls are on their sell-by date.’


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