Pastor sacked for misgendering pupil swaps ‘hymns’ for ‘its’


A pastor who was sacked from a teaching job for misgendering a pupil has vowed to make every aspect of his life gender neutral.  ‘The Androgenous Being moves in mysterious ways,’ he explained.  ‘But you can’t presume their gender from how they walk.’  The Chapel he works in is now a Whomel, and the spire has been demolished to make it less overtly masculine.  His latest sermon explained how both Adam and Eve could have been any of 673 genders, and that the snake was an allegory for prejudice at the Eden adoption agency.

Despite his realisation that gender is now fluid, he still insists that he himself is ‘all man':  ‘I think it’s OK to choose to be male or female, but for me, I’ll stick to my birth gender’, he said.  ‘Now excuse me, I need to go and put on my big frock.  It’s about this time of day that I burst into song.’


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