Vatican issues correction: Pope unflappable, not infallible


Vatican officials are desperately working on a damage limitation job after discovering what has been described as ‘the most devastating typo in ecclesiastical history’.

The blunder has been traced back to a 15th century dictation typist who had been treating himself to liberal helpings of communion wine.  ‘As well as writing ‘infallible’ for ‘unflappable’, he also wrote ‘dog’ instead of ‘God’ on several occasions’, says a distressed cardinal.  ‘He was later dismissed without notice and burned, but his incompetence unfortunately lives on’.

What the correction means is that the pontiff is not always right, but that he always remains calm and unruffled, no matter what kind of criticism is hurled at him from people outraged at his views.  Meanwhile, Pope Francis is living up to the newly amended description, dismissing the whole affair as a storm in a teacup.  ‘I never claimed I was always right’, he calmly announced to a bemused crowd from the balcony of St Peter’s.   ‘I say God exists, but hey,what do I know?’

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