Alien space ship had probably passed through UK car-wash say scientists


Scientists from UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory in Dorking – currently tracking a mysterious cigar shaped vessel as it journeys through our Solar System – now think the distressed looking object may have passed through a car-wash.

Scientists had originally thought the object was just an unusual shaped asteroid passing close to earth but now think it may have been an alien space craft looking for a quick wax and shine.  For several days the battered, elongated pock marked object had baffled scientists at the UCL Laboratory who could not understand why an alien spaceship with super advanced technology could be in such a dilapidated condition.

It was not until project researcher Jason Beesley’s Renault Clio emerged from a wax and shine at his local carwash in Luton that the answer became apparent.  Jason said the Clio needed a rinse to wash the gritting salt off the paintwork: ‘ And when it emerged it looked exactly like that asteroid thing’.

Operatives at the Luton based car wash say they did vaguely remember a customer who drove a vehicle make they did not recognise.  ‘Come to think of it, the guy did have green scaly skin, four bulbous eyes and gave off a putrid smelling slime’ said operative Jake Wills. ‘But it’s Luton and we thought nothing else of it.  We just assumed he was one of the locals’.

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