For sale on eBay


Mint set of Sectoral Reports on BREXIT, unopened and unused. £39B or near offer.

Two hundred thousand tonnes of compressed wood pellets. 10p

Map of Europe in English.

Books: Useful French Phrases, Italian for Beginners, etc.

CD: Let’s Not Be Beastly to the Germans.

Casting couch with matching clothes hangers, monogrammed “HW”.

Halloween KKK outfit (contact Harry Windsor).

Senate Hat Rack to fit a Ten Gallon Hat. $5.

Unwanted tickets to the 4th and 5th ashes tests

Jonny Halliday Xmas Special tickets

A ‘Welcome home Max, you’ve done your time’ banner.

Kevin Spacey Party Invite (sleep over included)

‘How I overcame asthma’ – Chris Froome

‘My self respect – David Davis

‘Secrets of running a successful railway’ – Southern Rail management

A lifetime of public service and diplomacy – HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

A hardback copy of ‘Puppydog Parka and calfskin trousers – styling Teresa May’ by Gok Wank.

Always see both sides (an every day open mindedness training manual)- Katie Hopkins

Fools and their money are easily parted (every January) – Paul McKenna

Decimalisation (yours for half a crown, ono)

Peace with the French

Aircraft carrier, slightly used, buyer brings his own aeroplanes.

(hattips; Not Amused. Sydalg, Wrenfoe, Squudge,

The Ministry of Defense, Chipchase & Arthur)

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