Washing only half your head with Head & Shoulders is just plain ‘weird’


Ms Penny Woods, who spent the 70s and 80s starring in ads for the famous anti-dandruff shampoo, is suing the manufacturers Procter and Gamble for leaving her with a ‘schizoid scalp’ which she claims ruined her life and ‘50% of her noggin’

‘Day after day for ten years, I’d wash one half of my head in Head and Shoulders, and the other half in a ‘well known dandruff shampoo’.  In the end the right hand side was as clean and healthy as a baby’s skin, while the left looked like a patch of dog mange.  It’s left me with a sense of divided identity.  I try to make the best of it – I take all my selfies from the right, but it’s not enough’.

Procter and Gamble have protested that fighting the case would mean revealing the ingredients of the notorious well known dandruff shampoo, which are a closely guarded industrial secret.  They will only reveal that the last surviving samples of it are in safe storage, along with their anthrax spores and hazardous waste.

Meanwhile, Ms Woods has formed a support group along with other TV ad casualties, including the woman whose whites always came out stained and the pizza-faced man who didn’t use Clearasil.

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