Bookies cease taking bets on weather occurring on Christmas Day


After the recent cold spell, where millimetres of drifting snow ground the UK to a halt, there has been a surge of interest in betting on the weather conditions likely to happen on the 25th December.  ‘It happens every year, thousands of punters come into our shops and wager ridiculous amounts of money on the likelihood of weather happening on the 25th,’ said a bookie today.  ‘It’s like Christmas,’ he added, while noting that ‘weather generally does occur on that day, and sometimes the forecasters give a good steer, but we always win.’  He said that they were not taking any more bets, though, ‘because it’s just too easy.’

As usual, any punters betting on at least one snowflake falling on Christmas day have to bring verified photographic evidence of the snowflake falling, time-stamped.  ‘We need the actual snowflake as well,’ reminded the bookie, ‘for our accounts department.’

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