Lord Adonis is still a funny name


Despite his resignation over some issue or other, about a thing or whatever, the public are agreed that they cannot get past the ridiculousness of Lord Adonis’ name or the image that it conjures. He now joins a long list of peers nobody takes seriously like Peer Review, Brighton Peer and Piers Morgan.

Lord Adonis insists that the political ramifications are significant and, like his name, should be taken seriously; although this was undermined by a New Years Honour’s List containing Baroness Wang, Sir Cumsize and an OBE for Ben Dover.

The former Labour minister warned that the Government is crippled with Brexit uncertainty, but most viewers were disappointed not to find a divine Greek figure on their screens: ‘I tried really hard to concentrate on his words, but then they flashed up his name on the screen. The contrast with how he actually looks gave me the giggles. It’s like when I saw James Corden and ‘entertainer’ in the same sentence.

There are examples of peers serving despite ridicule; such as Earl Grey, Count Down and Lord Ding-It Over-U. Yet many now think Lord Adonis may have left the Government just to stop people laughing at him. Of course, that never stopped Boris Johnson.

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