Batman’s personal hygiene issues unresolved as Robin returns from winter break


Jason Todd, also known as the Boy Wonder has returned to base after the Christmas break but has still refused to comment on Batman’s alleged body odour problem. Speaking at Gotham City airport, Todd denied he escapes by air for the winter holidays every year in order to avoid witnessing episodes in which Batman abuses mistletoe protocol only to be disappointed by potential partners put off by the smell of bat excrement.

One starlet said ‘the only reason Batman hasn’t been involved in any Hollywood scandals is that they can’t even bear to be in the same room as him’. Meanwhile Jack Nicholson, the actor most associated with the Joker in the Batman movies told reporters: ‘It’s the rubber suit.  That and his taste for Brussel Sprouts at this time of the year. The last time I shared the Batmobile with him I demanded the top came off.’

Fans hoping to see the Batmobile at an exhibition in the New Year are also likely to be disappointed after the vehicle suffered a breakdown. The AA said they were unable to replace a wheel assembly ‘because the model does not appear in our database’.

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