Cancelling operations ‘better for patients’ insists Hunt

Jeremy Hunt has defended the decision to cancel and postpone thousands of operations as being ‘beneficial to most patients’, explaining that those who did find themselves operated on often ‘had to endure discomfort afterwards.’

Prime Minister Theresa May added that withholding funding for the NHS prevented ‘taxpayers money being spent,’ which she insisted most patients would agree with. ‘It’s bad enough knowing you’re going to be sore after an operation, but the thought that you might be costing yourself, as a taxpayer, must be excruciating. Which is why I always go private – it never hurts and it saves the taxpayer,’ she said, suggesting that ‘everybody should consider going private.’

Jeremy Hunt agreed, noting that the doctors in the private sector had received ‘extremely good training – as good as those in the NHS,’ admitting that was probably because ‘they were trained by the NHS.’

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