Uber more than happy with new driver Worboys


Controversial internet taxi firm Uber today tried some positive PR by unveiling one of their latest drivers, John Worboys.  Head of marketing, Sophie Soffee, said ‘Our latest recruit John is proving a great asset to the company. He already had his own taxi and doesn’t need a sat-nav as he knows his way round like the back of his hand. It’s a wonder no-one else snapped him up before.

‘He is happy to work late nights particularly at weekends and club kicking out time,’ she added. ‘Some of our female clients have said he was really willing to go above and beyond, offering them a friendly nightcap of sparkling wine. He’s dropped me home a couple of times and he was a total gent, I must have been pretty hammered as I don’t remember much about it. To be honest, I felt shagged most times’.
When asked by Newsbiscuit about their background checks an Uber spokesman said ‘Background what ??’

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