Dortmund attack leads to increased immigration control of capitalists


A ban on migrants from capitalist countries has followed revelations that the attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus was linked to fundamentalist market trading. Prosecutors say that the perpetrator sought to reduce the share price of the football club by injuring some of its players and staff, after becoming radicalised by reading Philip Green’s autobiography.

Initially, far-right groups, much of the media and Donald Trump had used blind prejudice to assume that the attack was by Muslim terrorists, and was somehow related to the German policy on admitting Syrian migrants. As a result of this assumption proving to be false, their view of Islam has changed completely and many of the current immigration controls worldwide are set to be lifted.

In their place will come immigration controls which assume that all financiers, entrepreneurs, stockbrokers, hedge fund managers and venture capitalists should be treated as complete bastards, although most members of the population already hold this view. It is considered that this will be closer to fairness than labelling all Muslims as terrorists.


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