Even the Kardashians not sure which one is which


The world of pointlessly obsessing about pseudo-celebrities was today thrown into confusion by the revelation that even the Kardashians can’t tell each other apart.
‘I think I’m the one with a trust fund, long dark hair (extensions) and too much make up,’ said a Kardashian today. ‘Oh wait, that’s all of us.’
‘I think that’s why they gave us all K names, so we could just sign the cheques “K Kardashian” if we got confused,’ said another.
An attempt to differentiate between them by calling some of them ‘Jenner’ seems not to have helped, since even the girls themselves can’t remember which of them are Jenners and which Kardashians.  ‘It doesn’t help that we’re all girls,’ said one of them. ‘Except Caitlyn, obviously.’
One of the glossy-haired imbeciles then announced that she’d almost managed to memorise the whole family when she accidentally caught an episode of Star Trek, and learned the Kardashians were a race of aliens hostile to the Federation. She said she was shocked to discover this, ‘though it totally explains what happened at that Star Trek convention.’

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