World without comedy to be trialled

Two Ronnies

In the light of the shifting boundaries of what’s considered acceptable, with people finding ever new ways to be offended by what others find funny, it has been announced that for a trial period, the world will be entirely without comedy.

During this period, customers in hardware stores will make it clear whether they want four candles or handles for forks, east end wide boys will be able to lean on pub counters without someone having opened the hatch in the meantime, and pet shop owners will immediately acknowledge that recently sold parrots are dead and issue a prompt refund.

However, an anonymous source at the BBC said they had already trialled the idea of a period completely free of comedy in a project known as ‘Walliams and Friend’, with disastrous results.

‘It was only half an hour, but my God, I felt ten years older by the end of it. I can’t imagine the effect if anyone had watched the whole series. Which obviously no one did.’

‘A world without comedy might be unremittingly bleak, but we think supporting the trial is worth it even if we do offend people. And so what if we do? Isn’t that what Points of View is for after all?’ concluded the source.


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