Carillion used May’s ‘strong and stable’ cement mix

May the Builder

Construction giant Carillion’s demise is being attributed to it having taken building advice from Theresa May – a leader with all the durability of aluminum siding. Unbeknownst to Carillion, the Prime Minister lacked the basic skillset to put up a set of shelves, let alone assemble a lasting Cabinet.

The ‘strong and stable’ economic foundation that Mrs May had promised the construction industry, turns out to have had all the durability of jelly or a Harvey Weinstein restraining order. Sadly, the Prime Minister had been merrily rewarding Carillion’s incompetence with further work, knowing full well that it could not fulfil the tasks; similar to appointing David Davis as a negotiator.

While reneging on promises and amassing huge debts has worked fine for the Government, as a business model it is more like an exercise in ‘bodgit and scarper’ – or Boris Johnson and Michael Gove as they are known.

Commented one – soon to be insolvent – contractor: ‘It’s reminiscent of The House That Jack Built, if Jack had then been rewarded with a series of multi-billion pound contracts, while being allowed to default on the Maiden All Forlorn’s pension fund’. Meanwhile those schools and prisons maintained by Carillion are advised to get by with sticky tape and string – once the Brexit Team has finished with it.

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