Much-loved film franchise revived for ‘Carillion Up The Official Receiver’

Carry On

Ealing Studios today announced funding has been secured for a new film in the much-loved Carillion series, provisionally entitled “Carillion Up The Official Receiver”.

The film will see the usual cast of hapless buffoons tackling something that’s patently beyond them, in this case managing a huge facilities management and construction firm.

Jim Dale plays Finance Director Nookie, who’s often distracted from the company’s balance sheet when his secretary (Barbara Windsor) walks past in a tight sweater. This lands him in trouble with his boss (Kenneth Williams), who has to go cap in hand to Theresa Maytron (Hattie Jacques) and confess that the company is going down. Fortunately, in return for unspecified sexual favours, Maytron agrees to bail it out with taxpayers’ money, uttering the famous double-entendre that Williams had better also be “too big to fail”.

As Managing Director, Sid James is given plenty of opportunities for his trademark hearty chuckle, particularly when he learns of the millions he will still be paid despite making a huge balls-up of running the company.

“Carillion Up The Official Receiver” will have you laughing until the tears run down your face, especially if you check how much is left in your pension while watching it.

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