US government successfully restarted after switching it off and then on again

The United States Congress has successfully restarted the US Government by switching it off at the wall, waiting 20 seconds and then switching it on again, according to a spokesperson.

The successful restart followed a number of failed attempts using other methods. ‘It says here in the manual, to reboot the government, simultaneously hold down the nuclear launch button and the White House toaster,’ said Congressman Vernon Cratch (R), ‘but when we tried, we accidentally set fire to the president’s eggy soldiers.’

‘Then someone suggested pushing it down a hill and then popping the clutch,’ he continued, ‘but nobody was quite sure what a clutch was or what popping is.’

White House Press Officers asked the President who should get all the credit for the settlement but he couldn’t think of anyone.


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Posted: Jan 23rd, 2018 by

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