Morgan hails Trump interview ‘Greatest TV event since Frost Nixon’

The interview in Davos, widely regarded by most to have shown the former Mirror Editor irretrievably lost up his own arsehole, has nevertheless been judged ‘a complete success’ by Morgan’s own people, and ‘It will go a long way to establish him as Britain’s foremost personality in television journalism’ said Don, an oddly coiffured perma-tanned observer who describes himself as a close friend of the Good Morning Britain presenter.

The hard-hitting no-nonsense meeting saw Morgan extract, what he alone is describing, an ‘apology’ from The President over the retweeting of Britain First propaganda. Said Morgan: ‘Donny, racked by remorse told me in what I’d describe as incontrovertible terms, ‘Piers, If you say that they are racist fascists then of course I would apologise.’ Now you can’t get anything clearer than that in my book.’

Interviewed later by his GMB colleagues, Morgan looking even smugger than normal added: ‘It was a great interview, just the best interview. In the movie I will be payed by Martin Sheen who will win the Oscar. FACT! And Trump’s groveling apology proves beyond all doubt that I’m brilliant. And I’ll tell you this. I will build a wall round The BBC and Sky and they will pay for it. Oh yes! I will make ITV great again. God bless me. Wow.’

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