Middle class London couple buys Yorkshire


A middle class couple from Chiswick, west London, have bought the whole county of Yorkshire. ‘We’d been thinking for a while we needed more space, what with a second child on the way,’ said Annabel Williamson. ‘And a garden would be nice for the dogs. So, when we were on holiday in the Dales, out of curiosity, we asked what we could get up here if we sold the flat. I was surprised to lean the answer to that was all three of the ridings, whatever they are.’

As yet it is uncertain whether the Williamsons will live in one of the existing houses or build something of their own, or what they will do with the existing population. ‘Cripes, that’s a thought,” said husband Simon. ‘I suppose they could pay us rent? Rent’s pretty cheap up here, after all. Or they could always be homeless in London. There’s a chap who sits outside our local tube station, he could probably show them the ropes.’

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