Spurs credit card machine ‘definitely felt contact’


A credit card terminal used at Tottenham Hotspur’s WHL sports shop says it definitely felt contact after a customer wafted a credit card in its general direction. Slow motion replays show the customer wave his credit card over the terminal barely making contact with its screen.

But it was enough to send the credit card machine diving through the air as if shot from a canon, waving an imaginary red card and grimacing in pain as it rolled repeatedly across the shop floor.

The counter top card terminal defended its actions claiming the man’s credit card had impeded its radio frequency identification capabilities which could have lead to long term or even career threatening malfunction.

‘Paying by credit card is meant to be contactless…the man clearly made contact with my screen’,  said the XV5 Paymaster. ‘The guy lunged in with his card, studs on his cuff showing. As soon as I felt contact I went down. It was not simulation and I did not dive. The guy should have been sent out the store straight away. You can’t pay like that in the modern game! There are guidelines about this sort of thing. It’s there in the manual.’

‘If he wants to pay like that he should have used cash in a lower league shop’.

But the customer – 26 year old Colin Van Djink from Liverpool – insists there was little or no contact, minimal at best. ‘What is buying stuff with a credit card coming to?’, said an indignant Van Djink.  ‘That XV5 terminal has got a reputation for going down too easy. No sooner had one of the shop assistants wiped it with a magic sponge and it was up and running again.’

‘I barely touched him! It’s ruining the customer/retailer interaction. No wonder people are staying home and buying stuff on-line’, continued Van Djink in a post-match interview. ‘Soon there won’t be any customers left in the stadium, there will be no atmosphere in the shops and the whole shopping experience will die’.

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