Elon Musk denies Falcon Heavy Rocket concept based on Thunderbirds


US entrepreneur Elon Musk has rejected claims that the design of his Falcon Heavy Rocket was inspired by 1960s television series Thunderbirds. The statement follows criticism that the footage of two recyclable booster rockets landing simultaneously in Florida not only looked unreal but spookily similar to Thunderbird 3 returning from an International Rescue mission.

The Falcon Heavy Rocket is the most powerful space launch vehicle available, capable of transporting a payload of up to 64 tons. Like Thunderbird 2, the payload is in the form of a big green pod that slots into the belly of the rocket. Musk hailed the launch of Falcon Heavy as ‘probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen’, but refused to acknowledge the Brains who designed it.

Musk also denied that the rocket’s payload for the initial mission is a pink Rolls Royce piloted by a marionette called Parker.

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