Labour to nationalize foreign profits


Senior Tories today lined up with a consortium of foreign investors to launch a scathing attack on Labour’s John McDonnell’s plan to nationalise Britain’s water and Power industries.  A Tory spokesperson said that this was just another example of Labour wanting to take from the Rich to help the Poor.

Speaking from Downing Street he said that Labour’s plans do not take into account the millions of pounds French, German, Spanish, Canadian, Arab and Chinese investors receive in dividends from British based power and water companies and which they rely on to fund their luxury lifestyles.

The German owners of Eon and N Power joined with the French owned EDF to send out a press release condemning McDonnell’s plan, describing it as just another attempt to reduce costs for the British consumer but at the expense of French and German tax payers.

The Canadian, Arab and Chinese consortium that run Thames Water said later that any British pensioners faced with a heat or eat situation were more than welcome to buy its shares and get their faces in the trough – even if their arses are left out in the breeze.


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