Oxfam launches Fairtrade range of prostitutes


Prostitutes have recently come under the scrutiny of Oxfam workers, and what they saw really made them stand up to attention.  After some all-too-brief liaisons, lengthy crying and feelings of self-loathing and regret, the consensus was that they were generally worth more than a bag of rice.

After some penetrating research into the ins and outs of prostitutes, Oxfam has decided that they can’t just lay back and let it happen.  The organization is really getting stuck in, to come to a conclusion.

‘It may be the oldest trade but wages haven’t kept up with progress,’ revealed spokesman Nigel Farish.  ‘Our team of volunteers will assess each prostitute or two at once if they’re feeling energetic.  As a minimum, we think even the most basic whore should get a couple of bags of rice and a grateful handshake for what they’ve been through.  Oh, and perhaps a couple of grand in hush money.”


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