Dad and granddad still at loggerheads over university choice


Eighteen months after the major family discussion over the best choice of university for Larry Jones, the Jones family are still arguing over the decision.

‘I wanted to study European affairs at the University of Internationaltown, and dad agreed with me. Mum voted, but didn’t know much about universities, but thought granddad’s old uni in Grumpytown looked nice.  Grandad says modern degrees are a waste of time, and nobody he knows who took a degree in “1950s ideas and technology” ever struggled for work.’  said a despondent Larry,  ‘except the three million who did struggle in the early seventies before Internationaltown Uni found its legs.’

To avoid a dead heat situation the Jones family asked the extended group of uncles, aunts, cousins and partners – everyone who was tentatively a family member and over 18 – to vote.  ‘Because Grumpytown uni won by a narrow margin, granddad is insisting that I stick with the decision,’ complained Larry, who is also a little upset that granddad offered to buy everyone who voted his way a pint.  ‘He didn’t even follow through on that, tight arsed bugger that he is,’ added Larry.

Larry’s dad thinks Larry should have the chance to change his mind before he starts his course next September.  ‘Maybe we can have another family vote?’  he mused, noting that since the vote several of the voters have actually visited Grumpytown, and decided that it isn’t as good as they remembered.  ‘Stupid idea,’ growled granddad from his house in Hereford.  ‘Voting is a stupid way of choosing a university,’ he said, adding, ‘once you’ve chosen the one I want, that is.’

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