You don’t have to mad to own a gun license, but it helps


People across America have today been mourning the loss of 17 lives following the latest this latest incident of a man brandishing his ‘mental health’, raising questions about how someone suffering from gun ownership was able to get his hands on some mental health and use it to such deadly affect.

An advocate of stricter mental health ownership said: ‘We need to make sure people armed to the teeth with pistols, rifles, and enough ammunition to supply a small army aren’t able to just walk into a crowded place and start indiscriminately taking people out with their mental health”.

One suggestion is to make sure teachers in school are all in possession of mental health issues to try and combat anyone committed to perpetrating a mass mental-healthing in their class.  A local resident to the recent mental-healthing and supporter of the idea said:  ‘It’s a well known fact that the best way to defend against a heavily armed bad guy with mental health issues is a good guy with mental health issues.’

James Pluside

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