Apathy Party threatened by radical new group ‘Inertia’


One of Britain’s most well-established and highly-respected political parties, the Apathy Party, faces a new threat to its established order.  A small group of fanatical inactivists, anxious, as they say, to restore the party ‘to its core values’ and calling itself ‘Inertia’, has begun to unorganise in local branches.

‘The Apathy Party was losing its way’ claimed one inactivist.  ‘Candidates were occasionally thinking of actually seeking nomination, which would have required party members specifically and consciously to refrain from voting.  That is contrary to everything our party holds dear’.

‘The main objective of Inertia will be to ensure that no possible candidates ever even think about volunteering, let alone nominating anyone else, to do anything at all.  Sitting non-candidates need to be aware that they risk de-selection if they are ever even merely suspected of contemplating engaging in any activity of any kind whatsoever.’

The party has remained utterly indifferent to its very foundations by this shock revelation

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