Racism over thanks to Black Panther movie


Sociologists and Caucasian film investors have joyously declared ‘Black Panther’ the solution to all racial discrimination in the United States – unless you happen to be Mexican.  Setting aside decades of disenfranchisement and the repercussions of slavery, all is now ‘right with the world’, equality is solved and popcorn sales are up.

‘Black Panther’ has helped challenge the stereo-type that African culture cannot be reduced down to a comic book format and an exploitative franchise.   In fact, the film has cured all discrimination, in the same way that ‘Wonder Woman’ solved the gender pay gap and ‘Spiderman’ confronted arachnophobia in the workplace.

One film historian explained: ‘Black Panther is this century’s first significant African American hero.  I think we can ignore Wesley Snipes as Blade in ‘Blade’, ‘Blade II’, and ‘Blade: Trinity’.  And Halle Berry in ‘X-Men’ doesn’t count because she’s a girl.  Barak Obama? Never heard of him’.

Trending under the name #BlackFilmRevenuesMatter, one movie goer said: ‘My grandfather used to bang on about forty acres and a mule but this film has fully reimbursed my family for two hundred years of inconvenience.  And the great thing about a fictional country like Wakanda, is we don’t need to feel guilty about its history, we don’t need to find it on a map and Oxfam are unlikely to find prostitutes there’.

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