Sports photographer manages to capture Dele Alli standing upright


Veteran sports photographer Jimmy Graham may have made his fortune this weekend by taking a picture of Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli standing upright on his feet during a match.

He put this remarkable achievement down to his new camera’s super-fast auto-shutter feature, allowing him to capture 32 images a second by just holding his finger down.

This incredibly rare photograph was immediately dismissed as a fake by jealous rivals, who claimed he must have taken it before the game started. However, Mr Graham denied this, pointing out you can clearly see other players running around in the background.

“Of course, it’s possible Dele hadn’t heard the whistle himself,” he admitted. “When he realised they’d started, obviously he threw himself straight to the ground, even though he didn’t have the ball and there were no other players anywhere near him.”

“The referee just yawned, and checked he’d remembered to bring the yellow card.”

Several newspapers have already offered Mr Graham a five figure sum for the picture, as long as they’re satisfied it hasn’t been photoshopped in any way. Apparently their suspicions were aroused by the fact that Chelsea manager Antonio Conte can be seen in the background looking calm and thoughtful.

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