Sesame Street introduces Trumpy the orange-faced muppet


Having tackled the stigma of autism with the character of Julia, Sesame Street has decided to raise awareness of what it is like to be a mad president. ‘Trumpy’ is set to bewitch children, with his trademark quiff and dislike of all the Hispanic cast members. Trumpy, like most of the characters, will be operated by a puppet-master – but based in Moscow. He will repeal Bert & Ernie’s wedding and Grover’s health insurance and send Mr. Snuffleupagus back to ‘where ever the fuck he comes from’.

Some fans have questioned Trumpy’s appointment of Elmo as Attorney General and the Cookie Monster’s claim that his excessive biscuit consumption is just ‘fake news’. While some appreciate the wall that Trumpy has built around Oscar the Grouch, one four-year-old said: ‘Just because you look like someone has their hand up your butt, doesn’t mean you have to act like a muppet’.

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