Feminist gutted at having to call plumber on International Women’s Day


Cressida Harmsworth’s sense of pride and empowerment for her gender on International Women’s Day was spoilt when her kitchen tap sprang a leak, forcing her to call a plumber who would almost certainly be male.

‘I was aghast – why did it have to happen today of all days?’ she told reporters afterwards. ‘I even thought about waiting until a minute after midnight before calling, but the whole kitchen would probably have been flooded by then. I called Jemima, the leader of my support group, and explained that the thingy wasn’t properly lining up with the sticky-outy bit, but she had no idea what I was talking about’.

In the end she gave in and called emergency plumber, Darren Jones, who arrived within half an hour. ‘Dear oh dear, this ain’t gonna be cheap. I hope you’ve got a rich husband’, he said when he saw the devastation, further infuriating her. Cressida proceeded to lecture him about how, though she was very grateful he was fixing her tap, she didn’t appreciate his patriarchal and sexist attitudes.

Moreover, she and the rest of her group were working towards a time when women would be properly represented among the plumbing community, though obviously they were focusing on all the well-paid white collar jobs first. ’Sorry, love, I wasn’t really listening,’ he replied. ‘But if you said what I think you did, milk and three sugars, ta.’


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