Man anticipates some sort of award following minor washing up stint


A Suffolk man is quietly confident that he is up for the George Cross after washing up 7 items, it has emerged.

Rod Flynn from Hoxne defied gender stereotypes by ‘marching straight to the sink’ upon returning from work and got the job done despite ‘feeling tired’ according to his own reports. The 41 year old then ignored a plethora of other urgent tasks whilst dropping the perceived achievement into every sentence uttered to his other half during the course of the evening, culminating in the phrase: ‘I’m off to bed now all the washing up is done. Did you see it? It’s all done. Apart from the mugs in the bathroom and tonight’s dinner stuff’.

‘I wouldn’t mind but I had to wash them again later whilst he was recounting the feat to his friend on the phone’ added partner, Jan. ‘They were wetter than before he started – I’ll grant you, but remained heavily soiled. Still what can you do? He was so proud’.

Mr Flynn is intending to excel himself tomorrow by hanging out 30 T-shirts on a single radiator and moving some of the expired toilet roll tubes to a halfway point between the bathroom and bin.


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